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Whether it's an original piece of art, a family photograph, or a favourite player's sports shirt, the things we display in our homes are there to evoke memories and emotions, to reflect our characters and to create a sense of peace, belonging and familiarity in our personal space. It's the artwork or object that stimulates those feelings but the frame it sits within will either enhance the impact or detract from it; draw your eye towards and into the piece, or to the frame itself and away from the artwork. At Frame Place we aim to achieve the former; providing a custom picture framing service, from our workshop in Cranbrook, that delivers elegant and complementary frames to your artwork, combined with excellent customer service.

HOLIDAYS etc. I will be closed from Tuesday 25th August, re-opening Tuesday 1st September

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Our Story

Frame Place was created out of desire for a better life balance. Previously I worked as a management consultant, helping companies develop their marketing propositions through data. Most of my work was in continental Europe; great for the Airmiles but less satisfying for the soul...and the dog was fed up being carted off to the kennel every Sunday night. I looked for something new, did a Masters in Conservation Biology whilst I pondered, and came to framing whilst having some art of my own framed. Somewhat tenuously, it returns me to my paternal roots; Dad was a conservator and bookbinder, doing his apprenticeship at the British Museum and then working in the House of Lords library and the archive at Canterbury Cathedral. I hope to bring some of my commercial experience - the old adage that it's better to look after and retain an existing customer than to find a new one is absolutely true - and Dad's magic touch to Frame Place and to your artwork.



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I am more than happy to hold consultations outside of these hours. Please call me on 01580 714220 or 07966 877132 to arrange  a convenient time.

*Please see 'Latest News' for exceptional changes to these hours for holidays etc.



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The Bottlers, The Old Brewery, Dorothy Avenue, Cranbrook, Kent. TN17 3AL.

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